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United States Supreme Court 

Dr. Blasey Ford’s Opening Statement

Today, Dr. Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Below is the transcript.


Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell is a Huge Gamble for Republicans

Rachel Mitchell is a sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona who no doubt is highly qualified as a prosecutor and has an excellent reputation, but, it’s still a huge gamble for the Republicans to have her question Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, not to mention Mitchell’s career moving forward.


Jeff Flake Speaks Out on Dr. Ford

Yesterday, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake spoke out regarding the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

Senator Flake has been a vocal opponent of President Trump and the conscious of the Republican party.


The Long Game with Brett Kavanaugh

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but now attorney for Stormy Daniels- Michael Avenatti has a reliable third witness.


Goodbye Brett Kavanaugh, It Wasn’t Nice Knowing You

Dr. Christine Ford has been granted by Senator Chuck Grassley an extension and no doubt Dr. Ford will not testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Christine Blasey Ford to Testify Next Week- But it’s Still a Farce

Dr. Ford will be testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her allegations of sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh, but still no FBI involvement.


Harvard Law Students Opposing Brett Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh has been a professor at Harvard Law School since 2007, but now students are protesting his return for 2019.


Why Brett Kavanaugh Should not be a Supreme Court Justice

What if the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh turn out to be 100% true? Now what? Once he is on the bench, it’s too late.


Christine Blasey Ford Replies to Senator Chuck Grassley

Senator Chuck Grassley is working hard to speed up the confirmation hearing, ignore the death threats that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has received, and shove Brett Kavanaugh down our throats.


If Brett Kavanaugh is Innocent, He Looks Guilty AF

With Brett Kavanaugh facing intense pressure, he’s the most guilty-innocent man I’ve ever seen before. Worse yet, the Republicans are not making any efforts to find the truth, instead pushing Kavanaugh through by choosing party over country.

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