Up Next- Roger Stone Perjury Charge by Mueller

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Dirty trickster Roger Stone and Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Up Next- Roger Stone Perjury Charge by Mueller

I’ve said from the beginning that Roger Stone is a key figure in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe and collusion with Russia. As is the norm in any investigation, you work your way up from the bottom (George Papdopoulos) to the top – Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn.

At the request of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the House Intelligence Committee will hand over their transcripts of their interview with Stone.

Looks to me like Stone is going to have sell more rocks.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

Want to Buy Roger Stone’s Stones

Roger Stone, former President Trump campaign adviser, recently settled a $100 million lawsuit for publishing false information on the InfoWars website. I had no idea that InfoWars and Roger Stone were into “fake news.” See the irony or is it hypocrisy?

Stone was sued by Chinese businessman Guo Wengui because Stone accused him of being convicted of financial crimes and U.S. election laws. The settlement required Stone to publicly apologize.

Now that Stone got that out of the way, he needs to start making money for his legal defense fund as we all know Special Counsel Robert Mueller has Stone in his crosshairs.

If you have twelve bucks you don’t mind losing, you can be the proud owner of a rock autographed by none other than the dirty trickster himself. I give Stone credit for at least hawking something and not asking for free money instead, regardless of the fact that when Mueller indicts Stone, he will sink like a…

Per Stone, the rock he probably bought at Home Depot is an “exact replica” of the one used by David to bring down Goliath. I’m not sure how Stone got his hands on an exact replica, but apparently, I have a bunch of rocks in my garden bed that are exact replicas as well. Imagine that. What are the odds?

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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