Updates Day 4 of the Paul Manafort Trial

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Updates Day 4 of the Paul Manafort Trial

Breaking News- Paul Manafort Trial-

The jury has passed on a question to Judge Ellis of the Manafort trial. The jury apparently is stuck on one of the charges and wants to know what happens if they cannot agree unanimously on that one specific charge.

Judge Ellis has advised the jury to continue deliberating. If no agreement is reached on all charges, then a partial verdict is possible.


4:25 p.m. — The jury is not able to decide on ten of the eighteen charges.

4:33- Judge Ellis has decided to speak to each juror individually.

4:36- Mistrial declared on ten counts out of the eighteen. That means the prosecutors could seek to re-try Manafort if they wish. If they do get convictions on the remaining eight counts, it is unlikely, they will seek a retrial on the first ten.

4:37- Manafort found guilty on one count.

4:40 p.m.- GUILTY ON 8 COUNTS!!

Updates will be posted as it happens.

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