Vehicular Homicide Charge for Ronald Nicholas Pla

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Motorman Officer Jorge Sanchez

Vehicular Homicide Charge for Ronald Nicholas Pla

I clearly remember when this accident took place, especially since it is probably less than ten miles from my home in Miami and at a traffic light that I’ve been at an endless amount of times on my motorcycle.

More than a year after the fatal accident, driver- Ronald Nicholas Pla will be charged with vehicular homicide.

Pla while driving his Infinity, killed Miami Police Officer Jorge Sanchez. Pla was driving at 116 miles per hour when he crashed into the back of Officer Sanchez’s motorcycle. Officer Sanchez was retiring in a year.

Pla had drugs in his system, possibly medications, according to the police report, but only Cannabis has been revealed publicly since the investigation is ongoing. Pla seemed to be under the care of a neurologist for a time after a 2012 car accident, however, at the time of the accident, it seems he stopped visiting with the neurologist and taking his medications. It’s also possible due to his medical condition, he was not licensed to drive or should not be driving.

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