Waa Waa! Roger Stone Broke- So He Says

In another blitz of media interviews before Judge Amy Jackson issues a gag order on him, Roger Stone is crying about not having money. As I had stated previously, Stone would argue that he needs his media interviews in order to pay for his legal fees.

“The judge, as you probably know, is considering issuing a gag for me,” Stone explained in a radio interview. “And that’s problematic for my legal defense and I can only do that by speaking out.”

“If I can no longer do that then I will not have the resources to fight these charges,” he said.

Stone encouraged listeners to contribute at his website.

As to the rest of us, we don’t get free money and have to pay our own attorney’s fees. My opinion on the matter can be read in the linked post below. It’s simple: don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Stone vows to fight any gag order, but I’m not sure how if he is broke. Regardless, you are virtually guaranteed that his attorneys will stick around because of the media attention this case is getting, not to mention the historical perspective.

It’s an attorney’s way to guarantee themselves to be written into history.

Regardless, if Stone is going to argue he does not have the resources, he can sell his assets like his house like criminal defendants do all the time.

If not, he is entitled to a federal public defender that would happily represent him for free.

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