Warren Hits the Trail- More Insults from Trump, Supporters, and Violence

As Senator Elizabeth Warren kick starts an early a 2020 Presidential bid, you are guaranteed that the insults will start up again, especially from President Trump.

With day 17 of the government shutdown here, what is President Trump doing? Going back to his amateur hour comedy skits.

Last week in an interview, President Trump said to speak to Warren’s psychiatrist regarding her presidential bid. You would think after two years I wouldn’t be shocked by his petty and insulting remarks, but Trump gets me every time.

The good news is if there is something we know, is that Trump throws shade on those that intimidate him the most.

Then, comes the racist tweet.

But, President Trump can’t do it all alone, which means it’s beyond obvious who he considers a threat, so good for nothing, racist, DUI convicted Rep. Matt Gaetz and I hate to say this, from Florida, had an interview on Fox where he is now calling Senator Warren “Sacagawea” because Warren “was making her way from the Eastern Seaboard into the center of the country.”

“I am simply saying that this is someone who misrepresented her heritage. She wanted to be forward-leaning on this element of her own biography that wasn’t accurate. It’s not about her heritage, it’s about trustworthiness.”

Shouldn’t his DUI’s result in his trustworthiness and fitness for office being questioned? Oh, don’t I wish I could ask him the questions.

Finally, a Trump supporter was arrested at Warren’s rally for allegedly hitting an attendee. His identity has yet to be revealed, but of course, he was also yelling Trump 2020.

It’s going to be a hell of a year, just look at the start we are having already.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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