Was Tony Podesta Offered Immunity by Mueller

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Tucker Carlson from Fox News

Was Tony Podesta Offered Immunity by Mueller

In the political world of hypocrisy we live in today, the phrase “unnamed sources” drives some people nuts.


Tony Podesta Immunity

For a couple of days now, Tucker Carlson from Fox News has been stating that Tony Podesta has been offered immunity from Robert Mueller.

In court yesterday, Judge Ellis ruled that Mueller’s five witnesses will be granted immunity, a problem for Paul Manafort, but, Mueller also has to reveal publicly their identities.

The Gang of Five

Who are these five people granted immunity in Paul Manafort’s upcoming trial? Good question. We don’t know much about them, but at least we know their names.

  • James Brennan
  • Donna Duggan
  • Conor O’Brien
  • Cindy Laporta
  • Dennis Raico

A familiar name on the list is that of Dennis Raico. Raico had worked or did work for Federal Savings Bank in Chicago, the bank that loaned Manafort $16 million.

Manafort was always borrowing money, so that by itself is not a big deal, however, NBC had previously reported that Steve Calk, the founder of Federal Savings Bank, may have participated in a “pay for play” scheme with Manafort whereby Manafort would get Calk a position in the White House in exchange for the loan.

Calk did serve as an economic adviser in the Trump campaign.


Carlson tweeted yesterday his unnamed sources continue to stand by their original statement that Podesta was offered immunity in Manafort’s Washington case, not the Virginia case. Not sure why a detail as important as that was left out, but, if true, it would make for some interesting news.

My issue is the hypocrisy of it all. Reporters have always depended on sources for their stories since the first newspaper was printed. But, it’s okay to yell “fake news” because of unnamed sources, while at the same time accepting news that fits your narrative, even if the news was reported through unnamed sources.

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