We Will See Michael Cohen Search Warrants

Thanks to lawsuits from multiple media companies such as CNN, The New York Times and The Associated Press, we will get the chance to see legal documents pertaining to Michael Cohen’s arrest including search warrants.

Judge Pauley wrote:

“At this stage, wholesale disclosure of the materials would reveal the scope and direction of the Government’s ongoing investigation. It would also unveil subjects of the investigation and the potential conduct under scrutiny, the full volume and nature of the evidence gathered thus far, and the sources of information provided to the Government.”

“And if the past is any prologue, unmasking those who are cooperating with the Government’s investigation or who have otherwise provided information to the Government could deter further cooperation with the investigation by ‘subject[ing] those individuals to witness tampering, harassment, or retaliation,’” the judge added.

Pauley’s decision allows for the Department of Justice to black out (redact) sensitive information such as the names of the FBI agents.

The DOJ will submit the redacted documents by February 28th per Judge Pauley’s ruling.

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