What is Governor Rick Scott Hiding

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Photo composite- Governor Rick Scott and President Trump. Governor Scott is running for the state Senate.

What is Governor Rick Scott Hiding

Per a Circuit court ruling in Tallahassee, Florida Governor Rick Scott has ten days to hand over his travel schedule due to a pending lawsuit.

In addition to Charles Dodson’s ruling, Governor Scott’s schedule from July 20 of this year through October 31 must include information regarding his campaign and fundraising schedule. Governor Scott is running for a seat in the state Senate.

Governor Scott has not provided the schedule claiming that it reveals surveillance procedures, but Judge Dodson’s ruling was that travel records aren’t exempt and that the request was not for surveillance methods.

The lawsuit was a win for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation that sued in order to obtain Governor’s Scott schedule. Positive Healthcare Florida is involved in a contract dispute with Florida’s Medicaid program.

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