What Is Paul Manafort Hiding

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What Is Paul Manafort Hiding

Plea negotiations have ended between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort. But my question is why? What is Manafort hiding where dying in prison is a better choice than cooperating with Mueller?

Manafort was already convicted of eight counts of fraud. Even if he got only ten years, that’s good enough for a possible death sentence. There’s no way Manafort could adjust to prison life, even in a cushy federal prison.

Plea negotiations ended because Mueller’s team of prosecutors accuse Manafort of continuing to lie to them. That’s not surprising considering he was convicted of financial fraud, but the question is why would he?

Manafort is in no position of leverage to negotiate. Death no doubt will knock on his prison bars unless he’s already accepted that, and the only way Manafort will cooperate is if he gets zero jail time. If that is what he is holding out for, I get it and it is possible, but he would have to give Mueller something worthy of such a deal.

Now that there is no deal, Manafort will get sentenced, but it gets even worse for him because Mueller can retry him on the charges that resulted in a hung jury, plus perjury charges.

Everyone is talking about a Trump pardon for Manafort but again, President Trump can only pardon Manafort for crimes at the federal level, which leaves the states open to prosecuting Manafort, so a pardon is symbolic at best and that’s why I don’t think Trump would pardon him. Of course, President Trump will keep saying how he could pardon Manafort but hasn’t as a way to show that he is not interring in the Mueller probe.

Manafort’s sentencing date is scheduled for March 5th.

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President Trump Working with Corsi and Manafort

Rudy Giuliani has confirmed that Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, has been providing insight into the Mueller Russia probe.


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Thank You for the Early Christmas Gift Paul Manafort

Negotiations of a plea deal with Robert Mueller are over, but now we will find out publicly what Manafort is accused of lying about.

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