What Michael Cohen Wants

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Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney is now cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

What Michael Cohen Wants

Now that Michael Cohen has leverage as he stands to bring down President Trump, he has a simple request when it comes to how much time he should spend in prison: zero.

Cohen’s attorneys filed their request on Friday and believe because of Cohen’s cooperation with multiple investigations, including Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s election meddling, his jail time should be reduced to nothing. I think it’s safe to believe that there will be a substantial reduction in time to be served by Cohen, considering how much information he has on Trump.

Cohen’s filing also reveals how his communications with Russians continued into Trump’s presidency by being specific as to the time frame of those communications.

His attorneys wrote in their request that “in fact, Michael had a lengthy substantive conversation with the personal assistant to a Kremlin official following his outreach in January 2016, engaged in additional communications concerning the project as late as June 2016, and kept Client-1 apprised of these communications.”

Cohen had continued his communications with Russia because he was under the belief that President Trump would pardon him. Cohen is facing between forty-six to sixty-two months in prison and had spent approximately seventy-hours speaking with Mueller’s team of prosecutors and federal investigators.

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Robert Mueller Calls Check- His Power Move with Michael Cohen

Earlier today, Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the timeline of a Russian real estate project pursued by Trump during the 2016 election with the idea of protecting the President. The project was titled the Moscow Project.

In his original statements to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, Cohen had said Trump’s company ended discussions with Russia in January of 2016. Cohen also said there were no plans to travel to Russia nor did he consider asking Trump to travel to Russia as well, and that he had no memory of communicating with Russian officials. ALL LIES!

Cohen now admits he lied in order to create the false impression that project discussions ended before the first caucus which was in Iowa, but Cohen continued communicating with Russian officials past June of 2016, and even received communications in May that he may meet directly President Vladmir Putin.

NOTE TO TRUMP SUPPORTERS- still don’t see the connections?

President Trump already went on the attack today by calling Michael Cohen a “weak person” who is “not a very smart person.” I’m not sure why then Trump had Michael Cohen as his attorney for a decade and his right-hand man if he’s not a smart person, especially since Trump has said on the record a million times that he only hires the best.

Check- Robert Mueller

First, Michael Cohen appeared in court after President Trump submitted his written answers to Mueller’s questions. That’s no coincidence and in my prior post as seen below, President Trump backed himself into a corner when he said he answered Mueller’s questions himself because he didn’t need his lawyers for that. But more importantly, there might be something to Cohen’s sentencing date which is scheduled for December 12.

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Michael Cohen Pages seen below.

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