What to Know About the FBI’s Interview with Michael Flynn

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What to Know About the FBI’s Interview with Michael Flynn

Within a few hours, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn will be sentenced. With the President applying pressure and Republicans bringing in former FBI Director James Comey for a second round of questions behind closed doors to discredit the investigation, Mueller as requested by Judge Sullivan, has filed what is known as a “302,” the FBI’s notes on interviewing Flynn.

Here’s what you need to know.

Flynn lied, it’s that simple. Don’t get caught in the gibberish of those deflecting by blaming the FBI.

Flynn for two weeks had lied about his contacts with Turkey and Russia to the media (more on that later since two more pled guilty on that this week and are associates of Flynn). He also lied to Vice President Mike Pence which led to his firing.

When the FBI paid Flynn a visit, he had two choices: lie again or tell the truth. He went with lie again and as a result, has been cooperating with Mueller’s team for more than a year.

Some will focus on two issues, especially President Trump, that Flynn was not advised he could be prosecuted for lying to investigators, an absurd defense already made by Flynn’s attorneys. Even more absurd by the fact that Mueller requested no jail time for Flynn. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Flynn is a veteran of the military for 33 years and a decorated general. He needs to be told don’t lie to federal investigators? I’m sure at some point in more than three decades of service, Flynn has dealt with investigators, but his own defense makes him seem like an incompetent fool. So he was in charge of National Security? As Oliver Wendell Holmes, respected Supreme Court jurist once said: ignorance is no excuse for the law.

The other issue is that FBI Agent Peter Strzok who we all know from before because of his text messages to Lisa Paige, didn’t tell Flynn about having a lawyer present with him. Here’s a very simple question; why would he?

Ever see in a movie a cop approach a suspect and say you want a lawyer, I’m about to ask you some questions? Of course not.

If a police officer comes up to you and starts asking you a million questions which by the way, there is no law against that, you can answer those questions or not, even ask for an attorney. Hell, under certain circumstances, you can get up and leave. But, if you start flapping your mouth, that’s your problem, and if you lie, well you got a bigger problem.

Now, pretend Flynn was taken away to an FBI building, locked in a room and FBI investigators keep coming in and out of the room playing good cop bad cop. Yeah, that’s a problem for the FBI, but ask yourself this – in what intimidating surroundings was Flynn interviewed? Try the White House and I believe in his own office.

Flynn was in a relaxed setting in a comfortable environment. That makes a huge difference. And, Flynn plus the FBI agents walked by President Trump who was busy trying to figure out where to hang paintings on a wall. How many people did the FBI agents plus Flynn pass by and no one picked up on this? Again, because Trump’s administration is incompetent, it doesn’t make the FBI’s actions more or less legal.

Others argue that James Comey broke the law and didn’t conduct the interview as is normally done. All Comey did was send over the FBI agents to talk to Flynn without going through the White House Counsel’s Office. He clearly testified that he did that because he knew that Trump’s administration was disorganized unlike previous administrations.

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So those that argue against Comey for doing that, are criticizing him for outsmarting an incompetent administration. It’s not illegal by any stretch of the conspiratorial imagination. They got played by Comey who was guess what, concerned about Russian interference in our elections, and guess what, he was right!

Only in this corrupt administration will people criticize Comey for thinking Russia interfered in our elections, get fired by the President for his investigation, and the next day bring Russian officials into the White House with no other member of his administration or staff there and no notes taken, and yet, crickets.

The only reason photos exist of that meeting with President Trump and high ranking Russian officials is because those photos were taken by and released by the Russian press. Think about that.

Had Comey sought approval first through the White House Counsel’s Office, attorneys would have said no and the investigation would be where now? Do you want to get to the bottom of the truth or keep playing games with the facts? Putin thanks you for continuing to spread misinformation and dividing our country.

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