What’s a RINO- Steve Bannon

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Steve Bannon, Former Chief White House Strategist

What’s a RINO- Steve Bannon

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon who started up again the clock on his fifteen minutes, continues to support President Trump after he was fired, in order to save the Republican Party.

Now, Bannon is asking to vote for RINO’s in order to save the GOP and President Donald Trump from a well-deserved impeachment. What’s a RINO?


RINOs -Republicans in Name Only

Yup, as long as they have an (R) in front of their name, vote for them. Sounds like Bannon, President Trump and the GOP are running scared. Good.

Why is everyone concerned about impeachment? Here’s my opinion regardless of whether it is President Trump or a Democrat. When law enforcement believes you did something illegal, they investigate you.

If the State Attorney’s Office thinks you committed a crime, they file charges against you. Why would the President be any different?

You know what in part it means to be an American? To trust the legal system. We are a nation of laws with checks and balances and trying to prevent an investigation is not only un-American and traitorous, it’s also obstruction of justice. Corruption exists everywhere, on both sides of the aisle, but we are not corrupt as a nation.

Of course, I always like to argue consistency or the lack thereof. You think if some random black guy who practiced constitutional law in Chicago was in President Trump’s shoes, they wouldn’t want his head under the guillotine? Of course. That’s why if you aren’t consistent, you chose party over country and that is traitorous behavior.

“The hard thing we have to do is convince the Trump voters that: ‘Hey, there may be a RINO in your congressional district, you may not like the guy, he may not like Trump. It doesn’t matter. That fight is past us.'” Steve Bannon.

That’s a great political campaign if I have ever seen one. Hey, just settle for this loser even though there is a much better qualified candidate standing over there. Let’s simplify this.

Over here is an African-American from Harvard Law. Over there is a white guy from Thomas Cooley School of Law. No offense to attorneys and law students at Thomas Cooley, but it is what it is. I didn’t go to Harvard either. I’ll go with the white guy (Michael Cohen).

This isn’t about us versus them. It never has been. This tribalism politics that has infected our democracy has to end. This and politics has always been about one thing and one thing only: what’s best for country.

Make sure you get out and vote and vote blue!

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter- @mcatty_alex

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