What’s Next for President Trump

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller and President Trump

What’s Next for President Trump

Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go, there will be trouble
And if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know

The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” definitely reminds me of President Trump and his legal troubles.

Earlier this week, Roger Stone said he doesn’t expect President Trump to run for a second term, but based on my prior post, a second term my save him from indictment and/or prison.

So, let’s analyze this.

Assuming Special Counsel Robert Mueller has enough information to hang the President with, Mueller no doubt will offer the President the opportunity to cooperate and maybe catch others or from a foreign policy perspective, provide indirect guidance to Congress on how to deal with Russia and additional sanctions.

This could be the perfect opportunity for the United States to sink Russia and the world would follow.

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If Trump says I’m going to trial, litigation will last for years and in the meantime, you know more indictments will come down on those close to the President, including his children.

His brand name will be worth nothing and could be bought on E-bay for $19.99 at that point, bankrupting a global brand and destroying a real estate empire. The President will be older, maybe sick as this logically would weigh heavily on anyone, if not die.

The President doesn’t want to spend his last years fighting criminal charges, losing his empire and spending a fortune on attorney’s fees because every state and/or person he has ever done business with will come after him.

If there are civil matters, judgments can be collected by placing liens on his assets. If he rolls the dice, that is the result.

The other option is to cooperate, essentially flip and as crazy as it may sound, it’s possible considering the option laid out above.

Whether the President does an easy stint at Otisville like his protégé in Michael Cohen who will have more time now to work out and even eat healthy during his prison stay, or house arrest, probation, whatever, the President could pretty much live his life no different than he would as a private citizen. Think about it.

President Trump is the CEO of his companies, meaning he is entitled to visit his golf properties to make sure his businesses are running smooth. Granted, he would need court permission, but he would get it.

In the meantime, there will always be a far-right GOP member that would love to have Trump at their own campaign rallies and you know the President would love a rally to bash Mueller, the FBI, Hillary Clinton and her emails, and the deep state.

Trump could rile up his base and complain how he was wronged, but he accepted a plea for the good of the country. He could even continue to use Twitter for the same. Remember, the President has a history of turning his losses into wins with rhetoric.

His brand name is somewhat protected and as long as he has fancy hotels, there will always be someone willing to stay there, post a pic on social media and if they are lucky, maybe even one with the former President himself. Don’t believe me?

Just ask O.J. Simpson how many golf tournaments he was invited to after being acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldberg.

Sure, the pardon issue is always in play, but who is running the White House? A Republican or Democrat? If it’s a Democrat, Trump has a problem. He could resign now and have Vice President Mike Pence pardon him, but what will the President do with state charges, especially in New York?

Can an agreement be made where the states back off in exchange for a plea at the federal level?

One thing, I’ve said in prior posts that Donald Trump, Jr. is the one that is likely to take the fall for the President, his own son a patsy and there’s no doubt that Don, Jr. is the most loyal to Trump.

Would you be willing to spend a few years in Otisville and have billions of dollars waiting for you when you get out? Remember, if you and I get convicted of felonies, you can guarantee yourself we won’t have the same opportunities as him.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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How President Trump Will Leave the White House

Like any other employee, the President could leave under good terms or bad. If good, he completes his term and that’s it. Bad would be the rare impeachment process or resignation. But, the President knows how to turn a defeat into victory, and there’s another way.

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