Where is Roger Stone? His Websites Go MIA.

Over the weekend, Roger Stone posted on Instagram a meme titled “Who Framed Roger Stone.”

Normally, that’s not a problem, but as a result of the gag order imposed by Judge Amy Berman Jackson, jail is a very likely possibility now for the self-proclaimed “dirty trickster.”

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Initially, Stone had a partial victory with his gag order, but then he posted on Instagram a photo of Judge Jackson with crosshairs behind her head, resulting in a hearing whereby a full gag order was ordered. Stone has been permanently banned from Twitter.

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Then last week in reference to Michael Cohen testifying before the House Oversight Committee, Stone contacted various media outlets to state that Cohen lied about him and President Trump discussing the email hack by WikiLeaks on Hillary Clinton. That could also be considered a violation of the gag order.

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Now, after Stone’s Instagram post, POOF! Two of Stone’s websites have disappeared. The Instagram post is the same one I used as a cover photo for this blog.

Stone has various websites, but one of site is “whoframedrogerstone.com” and the other site is “Stonezone.com.” As of this post, both sites are still down.

Most likely after his third bite at the gag order apple, Stone shut down the sites himself where he had the Instagram posts.

In addition, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has also filed a motion in reference to Stone’s statement and the Instagram post was added as an exhibit.

Mueller’s motion can be seen below.

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