Why President Trump is Going Crazy Lately

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President Trump has a joint defense agreement with conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

Why President Trump is Going Crazy Lately

Tiger Woods always says that his golf game talks for him. For President Trump, it’s his Twitter feed that is a mirror into his soul.

As predicted, once the midterm elections were over, Trump has gone back to discrediting the Robert Mueller investigation. And like a child, the more you ignore him, the madder he gets. By now, you would think Trump understands that it doesn’t affect Mueller in the least. Regardless, Trump seems to “lose it” every so often just before big news comes out and the reason for that is simple enough.

President Donald Trump has a joint defense agreement with whack job Jerome Corsi, the father of the birther movement and Barack Obama’s birth certificate. What this means besides the obvious that Trump’s legal team associates itself with such a clown, it also means he has the inside scoop on what Mueller is asking Corsi, and in return Corsi provides that information to Trump. The joint defense agreement was confirmed by Rudy Giuliani.

Considering Trump was the biggest mouthpiece of the “birther movement,” there’s a definite connection there even though Giuliani is downplaying the relationship, saying they really don’t know each other at all. Take note, if Trump lied about that too in his written answers to Mueller, mark up another obstruction of justice charge.

In 2011, Michael Cohen said in an NBC News interview that Corsi promised Trump a pre-publication copy of his book titled “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” Cohen even said that Corsi and Trump have spoken “on a handful of occasions.” Remember, Michael Cohen is cooperating with Mueller and no doubt Mueller has asked him about the relationship between Corsi and Trump. But as always, it gets better.

Speaking with fellow whack job and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and Corsi was a bureau chief in Washington for Jones’ InfoWars, Corsi said on air that Trump stopped the birther rhetoric because NBC gave him “a big payment” since Trump’s show Celebrity Apprentice was on NBC.

It seems NBC threw buckets of money at Trump to shut him up with his insane rhetoric that President Obama was born in Kenya. Let’s not forget the lie that President Trump said he hired private detectives to look into Obama’s birth certificate and that he was close to releasing his findings. The funny thing is that Trumpers move past that lie and all the others, yet, with zero evidence, continue to say that Obama was born in Kenya. Stupidity knows no limits.

Whether it is Corsi, Jones, Jacob Wohl or President Trump, all conspiracy theorists have one thing in common: huge promises that always fall short.

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