Why Rudy Giuliani Has Lost the Respect of the Legal Community

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Why Rudy Giuliani Has Lost the Respect of the Legal Community

There was a time, myself included, that any future lawyer wanted to be Rudy Giuliani. He was known as a tough prosecutor, became Mayor of the city of New York and was known as “America’s Mayor.” What the hell happened?

Rudy “Gibberish” Giuliani as I call him since President Trump is so fond of nicknames, does just that: spew gibberish. From day one, I have called Giuliani the older, fatter with less hair version of Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney known as the “fixer.”

Giuliani is just an extension of President Trump, a bullhorn with a law degree. Giuliani’s version of alternative facts has every lawyer scratching his head asking, wtf is he talking about?

President Trump says one thing, Jay Sekulow another Trump attorney says something else, and then Giuliani comes out of right field with a statement that makes no sense whatsoever. It’s why I keep saying that Giuliani is that crazy uncle every family has.

Strategic genius? More like “strategery” if you remember that word from former President George Bush.

Giuliani’s latest calls for action against Robert Mueller is to speed up the investigation into collusion with Russia. Giuliani is no position to demand anything. Don’t believe me? Call any police station or state attorney’s office and ask them to speed up their investigation. He has what we call in the law no “standing.”

As a former prosecutor, we all know that he knows that. But, that’s what happens when you work for Authoritarian Trump. You have to say and do things even when you know it’s wrong, unless you are former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates who knew the Trump travel ban was illegal, refused to enforce it, and got fired for it.

What gets me is the “fake news” mantra by President Trump when no one has done more to spread fake news and misinformation than Trump and Rudy Giuliani. The reality is Giuliani’s actions warrant a New York Bar investigation because representing a client is one thing, lying to cause damage to an ongoing federal investigation is another.

Giuliani rarely tweets, but his latest tweet is an example of wtf are you talking about?

“Time for Mueller investigation to file report. We will release ours. Don’t interfere with election like Comey. The President had nothing to do with Russians. He didn’t obstruct an investigation. 1.4 million documents and 32 witnesses no privilege raised.”

What report is he going to release? First place, if you have a report, release it. It’s obvious he doesn’t have one. Two, do you see Mueller stating publicly for Giuliani to release his report? Of course not. That report has ZERO legal significance.

Imagine you are being investigated for a crime and the prosecutor releases a “report,” there is no such legally in this example, but play along. I then turn around and say “here is my report. It shows I didn’t do it.”

Exactly! It sounds stupid because it is. First of all, we don’t need to see any report by Giuliani regarding the Russia investigation. We already know what is in it: “no collusion with Russia.”

Yet, Trump supporters using blind loyalty with a high degree of ignorance swallow this up and say “yeah- Giuliani has a report.” Even Vincent Gambini knew better.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter- @mcatty_alex

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