Why the Border Wall Is Trump’s Biggest Scam So Far

First and foremost, the border wall is not a national emergency. There is no crisis, except a fabricated one. I made that clear in a prior post and said Trump would not act on it.

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Even worse, Trump recently told the media that declaring the wall a “national emergency” was the easy way out. So, you are telling me that while 800,000 federal employees look for a way to pay their bills, Trump has chosen the hard way at their expense?

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President Trump wants $5.6 billion for the border wall, but if you go by 2017, Trump’s request of $2.6 billion was for 75 miles, so the government shutdown is over 150 miles of the wall that he wants to spread more than 2,000 miles.

Thus, we have a 100 percent government shutdown for less than 10 percent of the wall?

In addition, here’s the most important part: President Trump wants the funding, but he doesn’t have the land. Should that not be the priority?

President Trump is a developer and should know this. I’m sure President Trump couldn’t get a loan to build without knowing where he was going to build in the first place.

Over and over again, I have said that unless the land belongs to the federal government, Texas isn’t going to just give their land to the federal government and neither will land owners, especially where many families have owned the land for generations. Even some of the wealthiest people in the country have private retreats near the border wall.

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Litigation will go on for years as it has already. So, it makes zero sense to have the government shutdown when the most important part of the border wall is permission to build on the land itself.

But, this isn’t about that it, is it? This is a sham, a distraction to simply satisfy a failed campaign promise, and because of it, 800,000 federal employees did not get paid on Friday.

The reports and stories of those affected by the government shutdown are endless, and yet, here we are.

Is it worth extending what is already the longest government shutdown in U.S. history over a wall that is not only pointless in stopping illegal immigration and drugs, but it’s pushing the innocent in the government workers towards foreclosure, eviction, car repossession, credit card defaults, and lower credit ratings to satisfy Trump’s temper tantrum? No one in their right mind would argue that it is.

However, detractors will blame House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, while ignoring the fact that President Trump didn’t get funding for his wall when he controlled the House and Senate, so it’s unlikely that he will get it now.

But, in a week where it has been confirmed that Michael Cohen will testify publicly before Congress, that President Trump had a second Trump Tower planned in Russia, that the FBI was investigating President Trump because he was considered a Russian asset, that his former campaign manager Paul Manafort was releasing polling data to the Russians, and the Russian lawyer at the Trump Tower meeting was indicted, it seems the wall is the perfect distraction.

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