Will Robert Mueller Get Donald Trump, Jr.

donald trump jr tweet, special counsel robert mueller and paul manafort
Donald Trump, Jr. and Paul Manafort, former campaign manager for President Trump.

Will Robert Mueller Get Donald Trump, Jr.

Paul Manafort who? President Trump sure is quiet when it comes to Manafort who has joined the flippers club. But, will Manafort hold the key to Donald Trump, Jr.’s prison cell?

Paul Manafort was at the Trump Tower meeting along with Don, Jr. Manafort is cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller after accepting a plea deal for his second trial in Virginia. Manafort could be forced to drop the dime on everyone that was present, including Don, Jr., although I am a believer that Jr. lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee about that meeting and even Roger Stone has hinted at that fact.

Every lie is a felony count.

Don, Jr. has already done the media rounds and said he’s not afraid of going to jail, but what if he is facing felony counts for perjury? What is President Trump’s next move? A pardon or throw Jr. under the bus?

Personally, if faced with this situation, I think Jr. will be one of Trump’s patsies. I say that based on rich people going to jail versus the rest of us. Jr. won’t be doing hard time for one, it won’t be a lengthy prison sentence, and finally- when you and I have felony convictions, we have a hard time getting a job. Jr. will just run his father’s companies and continue to live a life of excess. Also, Jr. seems to be the most loyal to President Trump.

Eric Trump has been MIA from day one and Ivanka and Jared Kushner have definitely taken steps back from the President over the last few months.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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