Will We See Robert Mueller’s Memo on Paul Manafort

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be wrapping up his investigation soon.

Will We See Robert Mueller’s Memo on Paul Manafort

Since all bets are off with Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, the question is will Special Counsel Robert Mueller make public his legal memo on Manafort and the lies he told federal prosecutors and investigators. The answer seems to be yes.

If true, Mueller’s memo will allow us to learn even more information on Manafort’s dealings with Russia and how much Mueller knows, but I think it is safe to say Mueller knows everything. To top it off, this week we may get a trifecta because along with Manafort’s memo, Mueller may also release Michael Flynn’s and Michael Cohen’s memo as well since they are to be sentenced next week, and the magical date continues to be the 14th of December which till now, may be a secret hearing that has many legal experts believing it is on issuing a subpoena to President Trump to force him to testify.

The fact that Mueller’s memo is not sealed, also means that Mueller is ready to show his cards and let the public know what he knows, which also means he is close to wrapping up his investigation and so secrecy is no longer needed.

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