WTF- I Agree With Judge Napolitano

WTF- I Agree With Judge Napolitano

No doubt we are in bizarro world and have been since Donald Trump took over the White House, but now I’m in bizarro universe as apparently Judge Napolitano from Fox News is on the same page as me. When did I start agreeing with Fox News correspondents?

First, on Sirius XM’s show with Dan Abrams, Judge Napolitano said he expects Donald Jr. to be indicted and that the raid with Deutsche Bank is something that the President “should be extremely uncomfortable about this”


Will Robert Mueller Get Donald Trump, Jr.

Don, Jr. has already done the media rounds and said he’s not afraid of going to jail, but what if he is facing felony counts for perjury? What is President Trump’s next move? A pardon or throw Jr. under the bus?


Trump Has a Deutsche Bank Problem

Deutsche Bank which has laundered money for Russia and has billions in fines, loaned money to Trump when no one else did. Deutsche Bank was raided over the last few days.


Judge Napolitano also wrote a piece for Fox News titled “Why I don’t believe that Mueller is on a fishing expedition (or is about to go home).”

Napolitano in response to Rudy Giuliani’s statement that Mueller is almost done, said “I am not of the view that Mueller is on a fishing expedition or is about to go home. First, he has a few dozen defendants whom he has indicted and needs to try — even though most are Russians indicted for hacking and interfering with the 2016 election campaign and will be tried in absentia.”

Judge Napolitano also points out that Special Counsel Mueller continues to obtain new information, especially now with Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen and his lying to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow.

Napolitano stated that Cohen could have received fifteen to six years for his actions, yet, Cohen might get zero jail time and that could only happen with substantial information being provided.

No Deals, No Loans, No Nothing- Except More Lies from President Trump

President Trump continues to lie about his connections in Russia, but his dealings with Russia dates back decades.


Even more powerful of a statement by Napolitano:

“As if all that were not enough to dispel the Giuliani-fueled myth that Mueller will soon end his work, recall that Mueller has repeatedly expressed a desire to interrogate the president in a one-on-one interview or before one of his grand juries.

“Neither has occurred. Mueller has a toolbox of techniques to bring either of these about, and he has yet to employ the most potent contents.”

Rudy Giuliani wasn’t spared either for his lack of experience in handling these types of situations, although, my opinion is that Giuliani got his role as Trump’s lawyer to not have to pay alimony.

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Rudy Giuliani is Broke

Of course, now that Rudy Giuliani is getting divorced, he has no money to pay alimony to his soon to be ex-spouse- Judith Giuliani. The divorce was filed because of Rudy’s extramarital affair with Maria Rosa who is also married.


“Rudy Giuliani is a very talented lawyer. He has assumed two roles for his most famous client — as legal strategist and as cheerleader.

“As a legal strategist, he brings a wealth of experience in federal criminal procedure, but he has no serious experience defending a person accused by the feds — hence his morphing into the cheerleading role, in which he has candidly acknowledged to friends that his goal is not to dissuade the special counsel from pursuing his client but to influence public opinion so that if an indictment or impeachment of Trump were to come down, it would generally be unacceptable to the public.”

“Yet the more he cheerleads the more he undercuts his reputation in the legal, judicial and law enforcement communities.”

I’ve written endlessly about Giuliani losing his reputation in the legal community and history will not be kind to him.

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Why Rudy Giuliani Has Lost the Respect of the Legal Community

When even those on Fox News agree with Special Counsel Mueller and disagree with President Trump, then that says everything you need to know.

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